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to the site of Kubicek Aircraft, manufacturer of light aircraft.  If you have ever dreamed of an airplane, you are at the right place.

Meet the brand new M-2 Scout, the airplane of unmistakable shapes and inherent friendly nature, available in LSA and ultralight variant. Your ideal choice while seeking for:

  • docile, fun-to-fly aircraft for stress less recreational flying that you will be proud of
  • agile, safe and economical means of transport with a comfort you deserve
  • tough and responsible trainer that makes a beginning of any pilot career easy


HOT NEWS: Cabrio canopy cover

New flying experience, new perspective, more emotions!

The partially open Cabrio canopy cover is a stand alone optional equipment. Easy interchangeable for the enclosed cover in five minutes.

Above-average flight characteristics maintaned.




KUBICEK AIRCRAFT Is a Proud Partner of LOOK BELLA Beauty Contest
22 December 2012 Every visitor of LOOK BELLA 2012 beauty contest semi-final that took place in an original site of Brno Turany international airport (LKTB) could easily witness the attractive contours of models fit perfectly ...
Great Welcome at Slusovice Airfield
8 August 2011 The keen new operators prepared a truly magnificent welcome for their new Scout, serial number 003. They arranged an air show with ultralights and “big” airplanes, modellers and parachutists for a wide public. ...